Billion people affected by malnutrition

Effishent innovates in Hydroponics to end malnutrition in rural areas of our planet. We empower locals to become entrepreneurs themselves and build up their own Hydroponic-Business.

The DetailsBenefits of Hydroponics

  • Significantly Less Resources Needed

    A Hydroponic System is used for growing leafy greens and vegetables. The biggest advantage of this farming method is that it requires only a single application of fertilizer and water.

  • Cultivation Of Nutritious Plants

    Since the Hydroponic System is not dependant on the fertility of the soil, the system allows us to cultivate a number of highly nutritious plants all over the year.

  • Double The Output

    Our innovate Hydroponic System is efficient and sustainable netting about double the output compared to normal farming area.

The social business conceptEmpowerment.

Effishent works in close cooperation with social institutions in our target regions. In Togo, we are working with our Togolese partner of HeidelbergCement, Scantogo. Usually, our social partner pays the initial investment to buy all the components required to build a Hydroponics system. If needed, Effishent supports the partner by offering a credit which is then paid back within a short period of time. Next, we select and train a local in cooperation with our social partner on site. This motivated individual becomes an Hydroponeur – an expert entrepreneur in our customized aquaponic technology. The Hydroponeur is now in charge of building the system, maintaining it and harvesting its crop yield. The yield is partly passed forward to people in need and partly sold on local markets to refinance the initial investment. In Togo, our target communities are the villages around the Scantogo factory, as they are proven to be people in need. We strongly believe that taking this entrepreneurial action is essential for making a change in an effective and sustainable way.

The TeamMeet our amazing team.





OutlookWorldwide network. Local impact.

We are currently operating Effishent projects in Togo, Ghana and Indonesia which are connected in a global network via Enactus Mannheim. All participants benefit from local insights of other members and can share their own experiences in the network.
Our projects are adapted to their respective requirements and are operated by locals in accordance to regional characteristics. For our new system in Tabligbo, Togo we opted or a low-tech Kratky system. A crucial factor this were our experiences with our Aquaponic system in Indonesia. Aquaponic systems require a reliable source of energy as well as technical know-how to ensure optimal conditions, be it for the fishes or the plants. Consequently, our partners and we opted for the far simpler and durabler Kratky method in Togo: Togo has been able to directly benefit from our Indonesian experiences. At the same time, our Togolese partners found a highly efficient fertilizer which is coincidently produced in Ghana and we have been able to share this insight with the local team in Ghana via the global network.
Thereby, our teams are able to leverage synergy effects without compromising sovereignty and hence local solution competence. Finally, local efficiency is maximized: We contribute to a balanced nutrition in collaboration with our local partners.

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