Billion people affected by malnutrition

Effishent innovates in Aquaponics to end malnutrition in rural areas of our planet. We empower locals to become entrepreneurs themselves and build up their own Aquaponic-Business.

The DetailsBenefits of Aquaponics

  • 90% Less Water Needed

    An Aquaponic System consists of a closed water cycle which eliminates the need for fresh water almost entirely.

  • Self Producing Fertilizer

    While the fish pollute the water their waste serves as the fertilizer for the crops. The crops then serve as a filter and provide clean water back to the fish.

  • Double The Output

    Our innovate Aquaponic System is efficient and sustainable netting about double the output compared to normal farming area.

The social business conceptEmpowerment.

Effishent works in close cooperation with social institutions in our target regions. In Togo, we cooperate with the Kopeme Group for several years now. Usually, our social partner pays the initial investment to buy all the components required to build an Aquaponics system. If needed, Effishent supports the partner by offering a credit which is then paid back within a short period of time. Next, we select and train a local in cooperation with our social partner on site. This motivated individual becomes an Aquaponeur – an expert entrepreneur in our customized aquaponic technology. The Aquaponeur is now in charge of building the system, maintaining it and harvesting its crop yield. The yield is partly passed forward to people in need and partly sold on local markets to refinance the initial investment. In Togo, our target communities are the members of Kopeme Groups as they are proven to be people in need. We strongly believe that taking this entrepreneurial action is essential for making a change in an effective and sustainable way.

The TeamMeet our amazing team.




OutlookWorldwide network. Local impact.

With Kokougan and Fidèle, we already have two trained people who care for the system in Togo. We also established a cooperation with the team of Enactus Frankfurt to feed fly larves to the fish. The fish do accept this nutrition and we are further increasing the capabilities of producing our own fish food. We did not stop to learn and see a keen future possibility for the aquaponics project in the production of Artemisia Annua Anamed. This natural remedy is able to cure malaria and we can proudly say that our experiment was successful and we heavily stocked up the Artemisia inventory. The next step is that the Aquaponeur Kokougan sets up the next system on his own. The first system is up and running, we have skilled locals and know all suppliers. What we need is the initial investment for the second system. This investment includes all material, set up and running costs up to the first harvest. After that point, all running costs are paid by the system itself. The system is sized to provide sustainable vegetable nutrition packages for Kopeme Groups – all year round!

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