April 2018 Update

Hello everyone!

another month has passed and we hope you are having a great time enjoying spring. We are back with our newsletter and our second episode of People Behind Effishent.
Let us know what you think about this series so far and whether there is anything that you are interested in particular. But now, without any further ado, let’s get into that April update!


Our team in Togo has succeeded in completing the construction of our second system. Furthermore, the seedlings for the newest system got planted and finally transferred to it.

But, let’s get to the very exciting part, the one you have been probably waiting for the most: our second episode of People Behind Effishent!

Planting the new seedlings…

Last finishing steps and the second system is finally complete!

Togo – People behind Effishent

Fidèle Sokaye is 41 years old and lives in Village de Millènaire. She originally comes from a small village 5km away and has one younger brother and one older sister.

Please describe yourself in three words.
I would describe myself as beautiful, intelligent and easy-going.

Tell us about your involvement at Effishent and how it has impacted your life.
I am the operateur of our Aquaponics system here in Togo and am also responsible for taking care of the seedlings, like tomatoes, bell pepper, spinach and chilies. Whenever the vegetables are ripe, I am the one to harvest and sell them. In addition, I am also the cashier.

What advice would you give to a young child?
Well, the one advice I would give to every young child is to go to school, focus during classes and listen well to the teacher. These habits are essential if you want to achieve something in life!

If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be?
Hmm, if I could learn an additional skill, I would like to be able to be a dressmaker for men. I have already worked as a women’s tailor, but if I was able to tailor for men, I would love to open a shop.

What was the last thing you received as a gift?
The last thing I received as a gift was jewelry: a pair of ear rings and a necklace.

Thank you so much for your time Fidèle!

Meet Fidèle Sokaye!

Fidèle with Sebastian Szilvas in Village de Millènaire.

Having fun with the Aquponics system!


After having built our second system in Lombok in February, we had to face a serious challenge: a mosquito-plague! Luckily, thanks to our intense contact with our team on site, we were able to find a solution very quickly and could learn a lot for the future through it!
Since constructing the system in late winter this year, we were already able to plant the first seedlings and grow the first plants. Currently, we are cultivating among others chili, eggplant, tomatoes, beans and spinach. But, just look for yourself!

Preparing the seedlings for transfer to the system…


As mentioned earlier this year, we are always eager and thrilled to dive deeper into alternative farming techniques. We have therefore built another prototype here in Germany which focuses on hydroponic farming. At the moment, we are intensively working on making this system flourish and learning all about its pros and cons. In addition, we are very proud that our seedlings (arugula, basil, beans and strawberries) are doing more than fine which makes us even more excited for our very first harvest in a few weeks.
We are therefore evaluating our learnings very carefully and working on a new business model. Working with hydroponics systems in the future has an ginormous potential, since they are less expensive and therefore even more suitable for regions affected by poverty. We are excited to see how we can broaden our portfolio and will update you in the next months about how everything evolves!

Planting strawberries into our newest addition to the system family: the Hydroponics system in Germany!

Stay safe and enjoy a beautiful and sunny May!

Many hugs from your Effishent team!

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