By building the aquaponics system we aim to create secure employment and additional income as well as long-term supply of fresh fish and vegetables for the community. Especially the larger amount of available protein-rich food is a great benefit for our target communities. To achieve this goal, Enactus Mannheim e.V. made the first move and built an aquaponics system together with an Indonesian community on the island of Java in Arjasari.

With a knowledge transfer concept, one local will be empowered to operate the system himself in the long run. With the initial investment by Effishent the community pays a monthly lease back to us which provides for all running costs, the systems lease and the wage of the operator. The output will be distributed among the community and they can decide whether to use it or to sell it. Furthermore, the system requires only small investments in fish food and maintenance. Through a train-the-trainer-concept the villager is also supposed to transfer his knowledge to people from other villages, so that in the long run more and more people are empowered to run an aquaponics-system on their own.