December 2017 Update

Hello everyone,

we hope you had a lovely and peaceful December and got the chance to spend some contemplative time with your loved ones.
We, at Effishent Germany, are currently on our winter break from university and therefore spending even more time on Effishent and its growth.
But…just read for yourself!


First of all: We are currently launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance another system in Vogan, Togo! Please feel free to check the corresponding website We would be so very, very thankful for your support – every donation, no matter how high, will help make a difference and support us in fighting malnutrition and poverty! We have already collected almost half of the needed 2500€ – a ginormous thank you to our donors! Let us together make a change and guide people out of undernourishment! Thank you for your trust!

And for our German friends out there:
Ihr Lieben, wir haben vor einigen Wochen eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne gestartet um ein weiteres Aquaponicsystem in Vogan, Togo, zu finanzieren. Wir konnten bereits mehr als 800€ von den benötigten 2500€ sammeln – ein riesiges Dankeschön geht an all unsere Freunde raus, die bereits gespendet haben. Wir sind dankbar für jegliche finanzielle Unterstützung, ganz egal wie hoch – denn sie ermöglicht uns den aktiven Kampf gegen Mangelernährung und Armut! Die Kampagne läuft noch zwei Wochen, der Countdown hat also begonnen…Hier findet ihr den Link zur entsprechenden Webseite
Danke für Euer Vertrauen!


As you have probably guessed from above: We are once again setting off to Togo. Sebastian Szilvas, who has already been in Vogan twice, will spend two months with our Aquaponeur Kokougan and our friends from the Kopeme group. Sebastian will assist them in building a second Aquaponics system, and guide Kokougan in training our second Aquaponeur. We are so thrilled and excited and cannot wait to share new stories with you starting in February 2018.


Big news from Effishent Indonesia! We are so exhilarated to announce that we will start building a second system in Indonesia too! After careful consideration and thoughtful analysis we have found the perfect place to spread Effishent in Asia! You might recall that during November Inge Hecht and Ade Kusuma who have founded the Kinderoase Lombok visited us in Mannheim. The Kinderoase is exactly where we will build the next Aquaponic system! On behalf of everybody, we want to thank Education for Indonesia, who made it possible to bring Effishent to Lombok!
Two of our team members, Katharina Brunner and Alexander Pirkebner, will spend three weeks starting in January with our friends from the Kinderoase and assist them in constructing the new system. We have even found two Aquaponeurs, Sam and Kadek, who worked so far as trusted employees at the Kinderoase. Can you imagine a better way to start 2018 than bringing hope and positive change to others?!

Setting of to Indonesia once more!


We have another big announcement to make: Effishent has a brandnew website! Feel free to browse it on and learn more about our roots, our project, and where we are heading.

For 2018, we wish you the very best for your families, friends and everybody who is dear to you! May you enjoy another year filled with joy and laughter and may all of us continue what we are already doing together: Bringing change and light into the world and dedicating ourselves to having a positive impact on the lives of people around us!
Our deepest blessings to all of you!

Best regards,
Your Effishent team 

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