January 2018 Update

Hello everyone,

hopefully, you had a smooth and refreshing start into 2018!
Effishent is currently very busy with two of our team members being in Indonesia right now. But – just read for yourself!


Katharina Brunner and Alex Pirkebner are currently in Lombok, Indonesia where they are building the next Effishent system. We are very happy with everything that we have achieved so far and feel so blessed with having such an amazing cooperation partner on site – the Kinderoase Lombok. Still, we have two more weeks to go, so stay tuned for an exciting update next month.

Greeting from Indonesia!


We are also so very thrilled to set off to our third journey to Vogan, Togo, in a few days. Sebastian Szilvas, who has been in Togo twice last year, will spend some more time with our friends from the Kopeme group. Together with our Effishent expert Kokougan, they plan not only to educate the next Aquaponeur but also build the next Aquaponics system.


We also want to thank everybody so dearly, who supported our Crowdfunding campaign last month! Thanks to you, we were able to raise the needed 2500€ which will be carefully used to finance the next Aquaponics system in Togo.


To put it in a nutshell: Exciting times are coming. We are so looking forward to Sebastian’s journey to Togo this month and to share Katarina’s and Alex’s experiences from Indonesia in next month’s newsletter.
Stay happy and healthy!

Many hugs from your Effishent team!

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  1. This is awesome work you are doing for the communities and humanity as a whole. Looking forward to visiting you this coming week .

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