How are the donations put to use?

Up to today, the donations were utilized for the construction of a prototype in Germany, a system in Indonesia and two more systems being build in Africa this Easter. But as malnutrition is a global issue we are not done!

With our aquaponic-systems people in need can overcome malnutrition sustainably for about 10€ per person!

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our project.

Certificate of Donation

We will gladly issue you a certification of donation for donations upwards of 15 €. Donations to registered associations may be eligible for tax deduction.

In order to send you your certificate of donation, we will need your complete name and adress. Please state them as reference when transferring your donation.

We would like to thank our donors

Ursula Noé, Simon Kramer, David Scheer, Jörg Sommer