February 2018 Update

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our second newsletter in 2018. February has been such an exciting month with three of our Effishent team members traveling to both Indonesia and Togo.


Last month, Katharina Brunner and Alexander Pirkebner spent three weeks with our Effishent friends in Lombok, Indonesia. First of all: Thank you so, so much to everybody who made our stay in Lombok such a special one. We are deeply grateful to have the Kinderoase Lombok by our side and it is simply mind-blowing to us how affectionately we were welcomed there!
We can proudly announce that we succeeded in building the second Effishent system in Indonesia. The fish are already in the cycle and the whole system is run and monitored by five local operators. Moreover, since the Kinderoase is a place where children can dream big and learn a lot, we decided to also engage the young teenagers from middle school – giving them valuable knowledge about nutrition and the 101 of how the biology of an Aquaponics system works.
As soon as the initial cycling process is completed, we plan to plant the first vegetables in April. We are currently in constant contact with Gujel, one of our Aquaponics operators, and assisting our Effishent team on site in managing the system through its first weeks.
Again, thank you to all of you who supported our Effishent team in making all this possible – we feel humbled that so many people have put their trust in us!

Proudly presenting our newest Effishent system!

Everybody was so interested and engaged – thank you so much for your passion!


As it has been announced in our latest newsletter: Sebastian Szilvas has headed one more time to our friends in Vogan, Togo.
We are currently working on improving the feed of our fish and have now found the perfect formula consisting of wheat flour, soy, brewers grain, salt and red palm oil. Thanks to the changes concerning the ingredients, we have been able to dip the manufacturing cost to 4€ per 15 kilograms! Such a huge success!
Since Sebastian will spend almost two more months with our Togolese Effishent team on site, stay tuned for more information!

Our system in Vogan!

Working on improving our fish feed.

Shopping for Aquaponics equipment at the local market.

So, there you have it! Four weeks packed with many adventures and new impressions. Many learnings and challenges, new insights and hope!
We are so excited for the next months to come.
Until then: Stay safe and our blessings to everbody!

Many hugs from your Effishent team!

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