March 2018 Update

Hello everyone!

and welcome to your March update on what is new with Effishent. We truly hope that you had some peaceful weeks and we are so looking forward to sharing our latest evolvement with you.

We are proud to present an exciting new series called „People behind Effishent“ where we will monthly introduce one of our Effishent members. With our project having grown so fast over the last two years, we figured that it would be very interesting to get to know the people who put their heart and soul into Effishent on a daily basis. We aim to give you a deeper insight into our project and why it all matters. Today, we will start by introducing to you Lazare, one of our operators from Togo. Enjoy!

Togo – People behind Effishent

Lazare Azonbli is 21 years old and lives in Village de Millènaire, Togo. He originally comes from a small village 25 km away from his current home and has two brothers.

Tell us about your involvement at Effishent and how it has impacted your life.
Effishent allows me to learn about the aquaponic technique. I know how to conduct pH-, nitrite- and nitrate tests and I am familiar with the difference between them. By taking care of the fish in our system, I was able to realize that oxygen is essential for all living beings. At Effishent Togo, I work as a secretary, so I am mainly responsible for writing the reports. However, I also change the water in the fish tanks and make the water tests with Bonifas.

If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be?
If I could choose one skill, I’d like to have the medical knowledge of a doctor. Unfortunately, we oftentimes have to face severe challenges because there is no hospital in my village. When people get ill here, appropriate treatments are expensive and cost a lot of money. If I were a doctor I would offer free care.

What do you believe makes a good friend?
A good friend is somebody who advices me. Somebody who tells me “You should do this, you shouln’t do that. This might help you, this might harm you.” A friend is somebody who assists you and encourages you to continue with your work even during difficult times when you face challenges.

Thank you for your time Lazare!


Meet Lazare Anzonbli!

Lazare working on this daily Aquaponics duties…

Sebastian Szilvas is sending you warm greetings from Togo!

Shopping construction material for our second Aquaponics system in Togo…

… and the start of the construction!


After having successfully monitored the new system through its first critical weeks, we have finally started to plant the first herbs and vegetables. We are confident that we will have our very first harvest at the end of April. Furthermore, we could already add some new fish, like bass and carp into the water cycle.
Moreover, we are so very proud that our team at the Kinderoase is doing a great job in maintaining the system and reporting about its changes on a regular basis.
Simon Simanovski, one of our project leaders is currently on site to assist the team at the Kinderoase and raise further awareness for the potential of Aquaponics.

The interest in our new Effishent system at the Kinderoase is huge!


In Mannheim, we are currently working on expanding our range of Aquaponics products and new cultivation methods. We are experimenting a lot in order to make our Aquaponic systems even less expensive which would open many new possibilities for upcoming cooperations, for example with schools and day-care centres in our target countries.

We hope that you had fun with this newsletter. Please tell us: What do you think about this new format. Is there anything in particular that you would like to learn more about? We are always more than happy to read your comments and are very greatful for everybody who wants to share their thoughts with us!
Stay safe and many greetings from our big multicultural Effishent family!

Many hugs from your Effishent team!

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