November 2017 Update

Hello everyone,

well, I really do not want to sound cheesy…but can you believe that is November?! Our second year as team Effishent is slowly ending and looking back at 2017, we can only say that it was a blast! Still, we have one more month left of this year to make Effishent grow. But for now, enjoy a résumé of how Effishent refined during November.


To put it into three little words: all is well!
The system is running smoothly, our Aquaponeur Kokougan is managing the Aquaponics cycle perfectly and we are just very happy with the current situation!

You might recall, that we are finally 100% independent from commercial fishfood – which is simply amazing! However, we came to discover, that the procedure we used to produce the fish food with might be not the best. Therefore, Kokougan adapted the technique in order to make it smoother and easier for our little fishies to eat.

Moreover, we have very good news: Our fish seem to feel so comfortable in the system that they have started to reproduce! We have now 80 additional new fishies which is amazing, meaning that we will not be in need to buy new fish in the future!


Things in Uganda are proceeding slowly. Contrariwise, the seedlings with which we intend to replace the old ones are getting bigger and bigger. As mentioned in one of our earlier newsletters, we unfortunately lost some of the plants during a power breakdown. We are therefore growing new seedlings which are about to be moved to the system this week. Just look at how the flourish!

The Ugandan seedlings are almost ready to be moved to the Aquaponics system…


The month of November was one of the highlight at Effishent Germany this year.
First of all, we had the unique opportunity to visit and present Effishent at Rotary Club Grünwald. We just want to send a very big thank you! We have gained so many valuable new ideas and are deeply greatful for our time with you!

Moreover, our Effishent team in Mannheim got visited by Inge Hecht and Ade Kusuma, who have founded the “Kinderoase Lombok”, Indonesia. The “Kinderoase Lombok” is an inspiring institution where children with difficult family situations can come, learn, play, follow their dreams and make friends. Together with Inge and Ade, we discussed how we could bring Effishent to Lombok, a place, where malnutrition and poverty is more than a severe challenge. Thank you so much for your visit!
Please feel free to check out their website Kinderoase-Lombok.

Furthermore, some of our team members travelled to Berlin this month in order to dive in to the pulsating world of impact investing. Thanks to the invitation of the host of the social entrepreneurship competition “Generation-D”, we were able to attend even the “SZ Wirtschaftsgipfel”. The SZ Wirtschaftsgipfel is a congress that serves as a platform of exchange between managers and top-ranking politicians.

Last, but for sure not least, we are currently planning our next follow-up flights to Togo and Indonesia next year!

Greetings from the meeting with our guests from Indonesia. From left to right: Alexander Pirkebner, Ade Kusuma, Simon Simanovski and Inge Hecht.

And with that, lovely people, we want to close this Novemver newsletter. We hope that you had fun reading what is new with us and we just want to wish you the very best for December! Stay safe and enjoy this year’s final weeks, and have – if you celebrate it – a holly jolly, contemplative and peaceful Christmas!
Many hugs to our Effishent family,

Best regards,
Your Effishent team 

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