November 2019 Update

Hello everyone,

a lot of new things have happened in the last few weeks. About 4 weeks ago Paul and Alina went to Tabligbo in Togo. There we had the opportunity to build six of our hydroponic systems in cooperation with SCANTOGO. During the two-week project trip we bought various materials and considered how we could build the system with the materials available there. It was also important to us that the system was adapted to the local conditions and protected from heavy rain during the rainy season, for example. Once all the materials were in place, we started building the system. We started by working with local craftsmen to build a canopy and six hydroponic systems based on the Kratky method. We placed the first seedlings in the system and filled the nutrient solution from fertilizer and water into the system. At the end of the project trip we introduced our system to the local farmers and talked to them about the problems of agriculture.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to test our system in Togo after a successful prototyping in Mannheim. Now it remains to be seen how well our vegetables grow in Togo. We will definitely keep you up to date!

Many greetings, your Effishent Team.

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