October 2017 Update

Hello everyone,

we hope you made it safely through Halloween! Effishent has had some busy weeks and we are so happy to tell you what is new with us!
So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, something to snack and enjoy your October update!


Aquaponics in Uganda has been a challenge since day one – we knew that right from the start. But do challenges mean that you shouldn’t try something in the first place?! We strongly believe that challenges are what make you grow and learn. Because things always seem impossible until they are done. So, we take every obstacle and every problem in Uganda as a chance to learn more about Aquaponics.
A couple of weeks ago, we lost some of our plants after a power breakout. We are now replacing the missing herbs with new seedlings which our Ugandan cooperation partner grew himself. We are thankful for the learnings!

Replacing the herbs in Uganda…


Do you remember our last month’s announcement that we want to get independent from commercial fish food? Well, hold on tight: Kokougan made it! He is now able to feed our fish on a daily basis only by using the larvae from Enactus Frankfurt’s project GreenGrubs and the feed that he produces by using local ingredients. Such a huge success!
Moreover, Kokougan has shown his great Aquaponic talent and has proven to be a true Aquaponeur: The water cycle went through some irregularities last month to which Kokougan took the perfect actions without even needing our advice. We could not be more proud to have such a passionate and trustworthy partner!
Additionally, we are very happy that in October too, it was possible to sell small harvest at current market price. The plants are flourishing and especially Artemisia, a plant known for its health benefits in fighting malaria, seems just to be made for Aquaponic systems. Isn’t it amazing that with Aquaponics you can not only grow veggies and breed fish to fight malnutrition but also medical plants?!

One of our customers in front of our Aquaponic system…

Buying Artemisia, a medical plant…

That’s what you call an Aquaponics jungle…


Since pictures do say more that words, we want to surprise you with some snapshots from a place far, far away…Enjoy!

It’s fishing time in Indonesia!

Flourishing plants are what make us smile!


Some of you may recall, that we do not only have three systems abroad, but also one in Schwabbach, Germany, which we constructed in April 2017. We would not be where we are with our project Effishent if it wasn’t for our stunning technical partner, Peter Winkler. But Peter is so much more to us! Peter is our friend, our influencer and innovator, our mentor and confident. So, every once in a while, we pack the whole Effishent team and visit him and his lovely family in Schwabbach. In October, he told us about the stunning harvest he had in summer and what he learned from working with the system on a daily basis over the course of the past months. These lessons will help us to make the system even more efficient and improve both the water cycle and the general construction of future systems. Thank you Peter for being there since the very beginning!

Peter explaining his latest learnings to our German Effishent team in Schwabbach.

Our Aquaponics system in Germany.

So, this is it. October. Four weeks filled with lots of work. With challenges. With laughter and fun. With seconds where we asked ourselves why things didn’t work out the way we wanted them to and minutes where we knew that challenges are what make you thrive in the end. We are eager to learn every single day from and with our systems all over the world in order to further improve them.
But for now – enjoy November and take care! See you next month!

Best regards,
Your Effishent team 

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