Currently, we are cooperating with the Aquaponics Deutschland e.V., with  whom we developed an „Earthbag-Aquaponics-System“, which is perfectly suited for  the circumstances in Indonesia. We also received  a full “training-on-the-system” and learned how to build up  such a construction in order to transfer this knowledge to the people in Indonesia. In the near future, we want to achieve our goal to create  an even more low-tech/low-cost site to generate a  higher impact in other regions. Therefore, we are in close contact  with the Aquaponics Deutschland e.V. For the local Indonesians, who work with our system, it is especially important to receive answers on technical questions in a timely manner. Also for this issue, the Aquaponics Deutschland e.V. is a valuable partner with useful answers and tips for us.


Moreover, we are in close contact with our social partner on site  – the Wadah Foundation. The Wadah Foundation supported us in finding  a community where we could build up  the first system. They also want to support us in our next steps: the further development of the system and the expansion of it to the eastern regions of Indonesia. With their profound in-depth knowledge of the region, the people and their culture, the Wadah Foundation is a valuable partner for us. Furthermore, the Wadah Foundation supports us in the monitoring of the first system by sending us updates from the site and the village. Last but not least, the Wadah Foundation empowers and motivates the locals in Arjasari to properly maintain and use their system.