September 2017 Update

Hello everyone,

so, there we go – another month has passed and it is about time for your September update.
It has been an interesting time in our target countries with our Aquaponic systems getting more and more settled.


Our system is still adapting to the alterations we took during the time in July, but the water cycle is finally getting stable.

You might also recall that we were initially planting Adémé in the system, a vegetable that is very similar to spinach. However, we came to discover that circumstances in our Aquaponic cycle are not optimal for this plant which made us replace all seedlings and we decided to try different vegetables. Therefore, we are now growing Gboma, Gbognamè, Gbonyebesse, Tomato and Artemisia Annua Anamed which are nothing but florishing. We are so very happy that Kokougan and Fidèle are currently able to harvest tomatoes on a weekly basis.

Since July, we have been cooperating with Enactus Frankfurt e.V. and their amazing project GreenGrubs to get independent from commercial fish food in the future. Additionally, Kokougan recently attended a workshop where he learned how to produce fish food by only using local products such as maize flour and palm oil. We are so excited to see how our fish adapt to the new feed.

Proudly presenting our harvest…


Meanwhile in Indonesia, we are planning Effishent’s expansion with our newly adapted modular Aquaponic system. Therefore, we are closely working with our local cooperation partner, the Wadah Foundation, to locate the ideal community on site to share our project with.
And this is the part where you can directly get involved: Have you been to an Indonesian community, a small city or village where people are facing challenges like malnutrition, poverty and where traditional farming techniques might not be an option? You are still in contact with local people and would like to make an impact? Simply send us an email and we are happy to take a closer look together!

Finally, our fish are big enough to be sold!


Finally, our summer break is over and university is calling again…however, this also means that our Effishent team is back to work to make the project thrive even more. Since the middle of September, we have welcomed new members to our Effishent family and are now so very excited to learn with and from them! New energy and ideas are coming and we are looking forward to everything ahead.

We just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for your support! Feel free to contact us anytime if you have ideas, visions, improvements or just want to say “hi”. No matter where you are, we are very happy to call you a part of our big, multicultural Effishent family!
Take care and see you next month!

Best regards,
Your Effishent team 

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